Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Barbeque in New Hampshire?

In the quiet little town of Hanover, New Hampshire, down a side street and a flight of stairs, is 3 Guys Basement BBQ.  The small restaurant has a pub-like feel with very under-stated décor, fitting for the small college town.

Our server was very pleasant and knowledgeable of the menu, which included a unique selection of choices.  The most original being the Grits Sticks, that we selected as an appetizer.  The Grits are rolled and chilled on a pan, then sliced into strips and fried.  Served with a side of New Hampshire Maple Syrup, it's an awesome starter.

Burger fans should try The Pit.  Topped with BBQ Pulled Pork and a Sunny Side-Up Egg, it's loaded with flavor.

Along with the typical choices of meats, 3 Guys also offered Burnt Ends (while supplies last) and Pork Bellies.  The Burnt Ends were, unfortunately, sold out when we arrived, so I chose a three meat platter of Pulled Chicken, Pork Ribs and Pork Bellies.

The Ribs were good, but small. A good dry rub and the meat came off the bone clean, but they could have been more moist.  The chicken was very tender, and went well with the spicier house sauce.

For the Pork Bellies, imagine a thick cube of bacon that's been smoked on the grill for hours.  If you're a lover of bacon, this is for you - but if you like leaner meats, I wouldn't recommend it.

I also got to sample the Brisket.  This was my favorite of all the meats, and a definite for my next visit.

If you've read my last post, or any of my Urbanspoon reviews, you know I've got to talk about the sides!  The sides were solid.  Along with the typical Cole Slaw, Baked Beans and Potato Salad, they also offered Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Red Beans and Dirty Rice.

The Sweet Potatoes were cubed and a great BBQ compliment and the Red Beans and Dirty Rice - while not quite on par with what you'll find in Louisiana, was a good Comfort Food side dish.

If you're in Central New Hampshire or Vermont, I'd recommend a visit to 3 Guys Basement BBQ.
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